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Fundraising opportunities

Looking for a fun and unique way to fundraise for your group or cause?

Kym will donate $15 for every registered participant!




Fill out the quick form provided below, and Kym will respond within 24 hours of your request.




Planning your fundraising event is a breeze! You choose the date, painting, and location for your event.




Kym will help you to market your event and provide a custom link for your participants to register and purchase their tickets.



Relax, enjoy, make art, and raise money! Let Kym take care of all things art making at your event. This includes providing all art materials, set-up, guided lesson, and clean-up. 



Kym will donate $15/participant to your event. Payment in the form of a check will be made out to your organization/group at directly the end of your event.

Important info

  • A submitted form is required to request a date for your event. Kym will work with you to find available dates if your initial one is not open. 

  • A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to officially save your date. Kym will provide details on payment once a date has been set.

  • At least 20 pre-registered participants are required 24 hours before a fundraising event. You will be notified and the event will be canceled by Kym if a 20 person minimum is not met. All participants will be refunded by Kym.

  • Your organization is responsible for helping to promote your event. Successful events always begin with successful promoting! Kym will help you with this.

  • Events must be requested and set at least one month before your event date. This allows enough time to promote and for your participants to purchase tickets.

  • Kym will make a check out to your organization directly after your event is over.

  • You will be able to select a canvas size and painting. Canvases sizes will vary in price.

  • Sessions may range between 1.5-3 hours.  This depends on canvas size, skill level of painting, and size of group.

  • Kym will work with you to set an appropriate age requirement.

  • All art supplies are provided by Kym: canvases, paint, easels, paint plates, water cups, brushes, aprons.

  • Kym does not include: tables, chairs, table coverings, beverages, or food.

  • Kym can hold a maximum of 60 participants in one art making session. Multiple sessions can be set up in one day if necessary. 

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